#Fresh Chat_1: Conversation With Jo Noero

Recently in our studio weve had some fiery debates around architecture and the role that we should play in the transforming space in South Africa. At the same time we had also been asked by the Chicago Biennale to interview award-winning architect, Jo Noero for a publication out soon. This provoked a series of stimulating conversations with other architects and professionals that we call –


In our first conversation with Jo Noero we posed this question to him:

At the UIA Congress in Durban, Sindile Ngonyama(New SAIA President) said that An architecture that does not have at its core a desire to improve the social condition, the living conditions of ordinary people, has no business standing sturdy in the gale or being displayed on the walls of fine galleries of the world. Do you concur with this? What do the public realm and social change mean to you, in terms of architecture especially in this country?

Listen below for his response and share your thoughts

Keep an eye out for the full interview soon to be published.

Image credits: www.uct.ac.za/mondaypaper